Wholesale and dealer conditions

The company "LLC "ZD-layer"" provides complex supply of materials for 3d printing on wholesale and dealer conditions. We have everything You need! In the presence of a wide range of materials for 3d ichatim. Buy wholesale pla plastic, abs plastic and wholesale at the best prices:

Wholesale conditions

Wholesale and supply of consumables and equipment for 3d printing are the leading activities of our company. We guarantee the delivery of any volumes of goods, the quality of our products remains consistently high!

We are the factory of the manufacturers and offer favorable conditions and avoiding intermediaries. Our quality is the best on the market. For wholesale customers there is a special price list for all kinds of materials for 3d printing.
  • Wholesale prices start at 12 coils
  • The number of coils and regularity of orders is directly reflected in the final cost
  • In conclusion, long-term contracts for large discounts

Dealer conditions

Dealers are offered excellent conditions for the entire line of products. The dealer is provided with all necessary product information, including photos, recommended retail prices, specifications and certificates. The dealer gets the opportunity to place an order on the website at wholesale prices, allowing final delivery to the client as quickly as possible. Possible preferential terms for the shipment of goods.

Conditions of collaboration for bulk purchases you can learn by phone +7(499)391-33-90 or via e-mail info@absprof.ru